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Based on the professional background and technical expertise of our staff, our services are centered on wastewater, water and stormwater projects, including planning, design, bidding and construction phases.  Following are some of the more specific project-types by engineering sub-category, offered by DPC:

  • Wastewater Management: Wastewater Facilities Plans; Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plans; Capital Plans; Rate Studies and Analyses; Staffing Plans; MEPA/CEPA Permitting/Planning Applications; Wastewater Management Implementation Strategies; Infiltration/Inflow Sewer Bank Programs; Permit Renewals; Utility-Focused Economic Development Strategies; Inter-Municipal Agreements; etc.
  • Collection Systems: Sewer Extensions; Sewer Separation; Sewer Rehabilitations; I/I Studies and Rehabilitation Projects; Pump Stations; Permitting and Funding Applications; Energy Reducing Upgrades; Emergency Readiness Projects; Trenchless Construction; etc.
  • Wastewater Treatment and Disposal: NPDES Implementation Plans; Capital Plans; Staffing Plans; Upgrades; Reuse Alternatives; Nutrients Including Nitrogen and Phosphorus; Energy Conservation; Pretreatment programs, including Industrial Pretreatment Programs, local limits, sewer use ordinances and fats-oils-grease programs; O&M manuals; etc.
  • Peer Review Services: Sewer standards, including specifications, details, and design guidelines to be used to help enforce sewer installation procedures; Provide detailed third-party review of private sewer extension/connection projects in several communities to assure that developer-installed systems were designed and installed in accordance with strict Town regulations; etc.
  • Owner's Project Manager (OPM): Certified OPM for municipal building projects, including treatment plants, pump stations, DPW facilities, Public Safety Complexes, and school projects.
  • Water Infrastructure: Packaged water treatment systems; Water booster stations; Water storage tanks; Water main extension and replacement projects; etc.
  • Stormwater: Drainage evaluations; Stormwater outfall mapping services; Storm drain construction projects; Hydraulics; etc.
  • Trenchless Construction: Planning, design, and construction of utility systems using trenchless technologies, including lining, pipe bursting, directional drilling and microtunneling to achieve system designs limiting impacts to stream crossings, state/local highways, railroads, and resource areas.

Our Team and Resources

As we grow, we continue to add staff and resources to meet our clients' needs.  DPC is doing so with an eye to the future, as the water/wastewater and utility management fields continue to evolve, and we are always looking for innovative ways to help our clients balance short-term needs with long-term sustainable solutions.